Feedback from our potential clients

SERGEY RYBKIN            20.06.2016

Sarah, Cass Business School, London, UK

I think this is a great idea as I am often struggling in finding a specific location with different navigation systems. How2get would allow me to find a location quickly, easily and make sure that I am on the right track with visual support.


Adam, Northumbria University Student, Newcastle, UK

The app is a great idea to educate people on how to use visual senses to memorise the route, without the need to follow written or verbal instructions. This would work great in a working environment where people have to commute to customer sites, or move homes as per contract requirements.


Kelly, Phuoc An Limited Company, Hanoi, Vietnam

It's difficult to find streets name or pin location here in Vietnam and having an app like How To Get allow our clients to find us by seeing the actual streets is certainly an time efficiency app, preventing clients arrive late for meetings and as well as us from having to explain the direction to our clients.


Anton, CASS Business School student, London, UK

A number of events organised by our university are held at third-party venues.

Google maps sometimes is not accurate enough and it takes ages to find the right building and the right entrance. It would be really useful to have a service like HTG to know the most efficient way of getting to the conference and never be late.


Sean Foo, LSE, London, UK

Using How 2 Get creates a much higher level of convenience for the end user as precious time is saved by having a clear and concise path to follow. Would definitely recommend this to all.


Sergey, BI Company Salesman, Moscow, Russia

Our office located far away from subway station and it takes long time to explain directions to new clients on the phone. Such application will save time and money by simplifying process.


Alena Freelance Web Designer, Moscow, Russia

Most offices of my new clients geographically dispersed and first meeting is always a challenge to make it on-time following directions given over the phone.


Pavel, Game Club Manager, Moscow, Russia

It takes long time on the phone to explain directions to new members of our club and since locations always different of our meetings an additional employee calls members and provides directions, we can save money by providing a video link.


Arina, Ballroom Vivat School, Moscow, Russia

With constantly changing locations for our lessons such application will help parents of our students to arrive on-time.


Alex, Vector Video Studio, Moscow, Russia

For (mass-shootings?) we need hundreds of people and this application will help to provide exact direction to scene.


Gocha, Wholesale/Retail outlet in the mall, Bishkek, Kirgizstan

This application will save time and money to my new clients who need to navigate quickly to our store located in a large building.


Andry Novikiv, Agricalture Company Orel, Russia

Hello How2Get.

My name is Andy Novikov and I'm a Sales Manager, we distribute spare parts for agriculture equipment.

Our office located in old industrial area of town and many smaller streets unmarked. This application and service will definitely help our clients to find our building. Looking forward for a release!

We prefer to get the more paying less on the very compatible market!

So, the idea of How2Get to promote the business widely for the suppliers and customers looks very attractive!

Specially, when you rent the office not on the main road! ;)

We plan to get the positive response from the How2Get service in no explanation to customers by phone how to get us, but the more often unexpected visits of our office by them using the How2Get!

Long Life How2Get!


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