HTG Service is easy to use. This service creates short video clips of the route.

This application simplifies your life


Shoot the video of your shortest route, from bus or train stop to your destination.


Create a description of your video, so your partners can found it searching.



Share the link of the video with your friends.


Upload your video to secured  storage.


HTG service will embed map in your video.


Specify sharing options to make your video public or private.



The story of the service.

Hello there,


Probably you were quite a few times in a situation when you needed to get to a place you had never been before and you had seen a postal address on a website or a business card or it had been simply sent to you by e-mail.


You get into your car, having just the name of the street or a shop, turn on your navigator and type in the address. Off you go: straight ahead, turn to the right, drive straight for another 2 km and so on… And, finally, you arrive to your destination.

Looks familiar and seems like everyone does it this way.


BUT! You need at least a navigator or a smartphone with maps. You need to enter some data, check and charge the battery, pay for the Internet access, download apps and do a lot of other things in order just to get from point A to point B.

Can your navigator help you if you are looking for an outlet in a huge shopping center? I doubt...


Ask yourself: How often do I look for my home or office address in my navigator or my smartphone? You go there for many years and your answer would be: never or hardly ever. You know why? Because you remember the way without any navigator!


What helps you then to get to the place any time since you have no GPS chip in your head installed?

Your memory keeps high resolution visual images of your route with all the landmarks and signs, turns and features of the way. Your brain just compares those images from your memory with what your eyes see at the moment and adjusts the route. This quite simple principle allows you to get to the destination. Right?


So, we all have a powerful natural navigator in our heads!

and we employ it perfectly!

If you want to use your natural navigating skills, we offer you to have a look at the newest instrument, which will give you an opportunity to apply your visual memory abilities.

It was his long-term memory, which helped Paul Gustave Doré, a French artist, to create exact copies of paintings he only saw once.


George Gordon Byron could tell ALL his poems by heart!

German mathematicians Leibnitz and Euler could quote by heart the "Aeneid" by Virgil.


You have probably heard how little is the percentage of memory capabilities normally used by a human.


Our simple and usable app will give you unique opportunity to REMEMBER a route to a new unknown destination within 3-4 minutes, without using maps and navigators the same way as you remember your way from the office to your home. The shortest way is the one walked through. The road once driven and the way once passed seems shorter and faster. We offer you to get to the destination point using your own smartphone and even if your battery gets dead or there is no access to Google maps or no paper maps at hand, you will be still able to get to your destination by the shortest way just because you have already passed it along virtually in your smartphone and now remember it before you really go!


Besides, you can share this ability with your friends or partners. When they ask

 “Where is it?” you just send them a link by an SMS and be sure they will find the way even if you don't tell them the name of the street and the house number.


In addition, you will be able to sell this service to newly established companies with a complicated address, which need to attract customers.


Sure, you think: it cannot be true, everybody uses maps and you cannot find the way not knowing the exact address.


However, remember there was the same attitude to the idea of the Internet itself just 25-30 years ago! Now we are creating something, which will be used by people everywhere and all the time, because they ask themselves the same questions as you do: “Where is it?” and “How to get there?”


Watch this video and you will understand everything…

Watch this video and you'll understand how it works.



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It comes with many features purposely made to answer your need.

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